Online NASCLA Training

This NASCLA online course is designed for you to be able to prepare for your exam on your own.  There are three main objectives you should focus on when preparing for your exam:

1. Become familiar with the different reference books and the content within each.

2. Become familiar with some of the more specific areas that the test may cover.

3. Work through some practice questions.

This guide will help you with them all.

It has been developed with the NASCLA accredited exam specifically in mind. It is recommended that you spend time reviewing each of the reference book review lessons contained within this course. As you go through the lessons it helps to highlight specific areas within each book to help commit the information to memory.  After you have finished reviewing the sections and highlighting, we recommend that you spend time completing the practice exam. This will give you an idea of the exam format and give you practice further looking up answers. Remember your time is limited on the exam so the more familiar you are with the information the less time you will spend on each question.

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